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relatable, relevant.
Travel Industry Conference Attendee amazing, passionate speaker! [She] kept our leaders engaged and leaving with many take-aways

Insurance Company Executive


Today's session was


HR Manager, Real Estate & Investment Firms

Ms. Finch brought such enthusiasm

to her presentation that the energy level in the room was soaring!

Manager, Government Agency

[Sarah] kept her audience extremely engaged…was very personable and relatable to all of our Chamber Members

President, Westchester Chamber of Commerce

Thank you Sarah!  We really appreciate all of the time and effort you put into make this presentation so wonderful. You were an absolute joy to work with...

Healthcare Group Marketing Specialist

Sarah’s ability to connect with her audience…is extremely valuable
President, Technology Company

The Mindset of Successful Leaders

What does it take to think like a leader?  In this insightful keynote, Sarah shares the good and the bad based on the thousands of leaders she has worked with. 

Your attendees will walk away with:

  • A way to assess their own leadership mindset 

  • What employees are looking for from their leaders

  • How to identify 3 key bad habits that will hold leaders back

Winning the Game
of Change

Change in business is such the norm these days that times with limited change almost feel abnormal! Despite the fast pace of change, many leaders still fumble when asked to lead a change.  In this fun but informative keynote, Sarah draws tips from how we play games to help your audience:

  • Learn the rules for winning
    the game of change

  • Avoid the biggest pitfalls
    that derail change efforts

  • Know how to create a
    simple plan to manage any change

Leading When You Aren't In the Room

Remote work.  It is here to stay. The pandemic moved many businesses to remote work, but even prior to 2020 this was the trend.  Leaders often don't see some or all of their teams in person for months at a time.  Team members are spread across multiple locations and time zones, creating significant challenges.  How leaders built and managed their teams in the past doesn't work as easily.  Sarah will help your leaders earn practical ways to:

  • Create team culture despite the distance

  • Build connection with your employees so you can continue to coach and support them

  • Avoid burnout - yours or your teams!